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Helem Nejse Rejdio Šou

Radio broadcast, then a podcast, then a…

The story of how Helem Nejse Art Collective came to be began 10 years ago, when a group of students of journalism, performing arts and literature decided to launch their own broadcast on a local radio station. This thing which will soon become the most popular radio broadcast in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially among the youth, was a modern blend of various forms of satyr, comedy and parody and a conscientiously political edge given to truly serious topics, with a touch of that somewhat-dark Bosnian humor...

For 5 years straight, every Sunday at 10 p.m. (What a “death sloth”!?) a Radio Show of a unique kind, recognized for its style and authenticity, was blasting through the streets of Bosnian cities.

Sarajevo Days of Terrorism

Theatre performance

Helem Nejse Late Nightmare Show

Late Night TV broadcast

Smiješno (šta nam rade)

Mock-u-mentary Video Essay